Hi there, folks, in the past two weeks I was a little too much busy and didn’t draw any new Patote strip. I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness and you may be hating me with all your heart… well maybe I’m overeacting but anyway, the reason I was absent was that I was finishing my first graphic novel (the images on this post are previews of it) which is gonna be published here in Mexico where I live!

“Moquito” is the title of the story, and is also the name of the little child who’s starring it. Originally “Moquito” appeared as a webcomic in Mexico (you can look for it in the spanish version of Moco Comics) but as I did that webcomic as an experiment, I changed the style a lot as the story went on. So I decided to remake at least the first pages, also the editor wanted the story to have more pages so I did a lot of new ones too. In the end the story reads a lot better and the style of the drawings looks more homogeneous. Well, it’s gonna be published in Mexico so it’s gonna be in spanish, butwho knows, maybe in the future it’ll be published in the States or Europe too! Ha, well, it’s a good dream and I’m working to reach it!