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It’s been a while since my last update of Patote’s story “Family Dinner”, more than a month, actually! I’ve never been this long without updating my comic and I gotta say I missed it a lot! But I was not just laying around watching TV, no sir. I did so much stuff during this month! First, I went to Europe, because I’m a physicist and one good thing about being a physicist is that you get to travel to fancy Physics Conferences around the world. I’m lucky and this year I went to Munich, Germany and then as I was already there, we took a couple of days off to go visit Prague. It was an amazing trip! Then back here in my home, I got married! Yes, that’s true, I am now happily married to Helen my beautiful wife, and we shared this big moment with our families and closest friends. Maybe later I’ll upload some photos! Finally, and actually the thing that took most of my comics drawing time this last month and a half was… comics. But not my own comics, but a couple of comics I drew, along with 5 more amazing artists, for a client here in Mexico. I hope I’ll be able to show you these comics soon, as soon as they get published. So this has been my life in the last few  weeks! But now at last I think I’m going back to my normal routine so, here I am, with the next page of Patote, wishing you like it!