These past days I’ve been reading LOTSA duck stories made by the late Carl Barks. They’re literally hundreds of them and many are new to me, besides those I’ve already read. I was amazed at his great genius and his ability to write good and funny stories. Specially one of them I liked: “Playin’ Hookey” from  Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories 72,  1946,and amusing story about Huey, Dewey, and Louie skipping school and Donald tryin’ to find them.

In the panel up there, we can see Huey (or maybe Dewey or Louie, I always get confused) singing a part of a song and that detail for some reason, catched my attention immediatly. I googled it and fast enough I found the song, which I’m sharing here with you:

Ah, the romantic idea of a life full of freedom (and hunger maybe)! And Carl Barks knew this popular song!  That’s, in my opinion, the key of his magic (besides having some secret comic creator superpowers): his ability to portrait things from the daily life of unsophisticated people. I find in Carl Barks’ version of Donald Duck, lots of similarities with chilean Condorito or mexicans Cantinflas or Tintan. Donald in Carl Barks view is sometimes unemployed, sometimes without any money, he’s lazy and a little bit mean, but even so, he guides and look for his nephews. He’s much more a rich character than in the original cartoon movies where he’s only grumpy and nothing else. In the comics, his nephews are just normal kids, not trying to be little adults neither trying to “teach the reader a lesson about life”, but, just like evry normal kid, trying to evade school and to play pranks on his uncle, there was no mischief they weren’t capable of.

The world Carl Barks built in Disney Comics is so different to what we can see in Disney Channel nowadays and so different to the Disney Co. all in all, and that’s just the reason why those comics had so much success around the world. They’re still a hit in Europe and South America. Carl Barks achieved this by writing simple but clever stories that talked about the life that everybody lives, that’s a combination that sounds easy but it requires a lot of genius to do it.

Well, I’ve been hearing this song since yesterday and with the inspiration it brings to me, I hope someday I’ll be able to do comics as neat as Carl Bark’s… now let’s finish today’s strip, or it’ll never be ready!